Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Unclutter your home

I am finally reading this book that my mother bought me a few years back. Do you think she was trying to tell me something? 7 simple steps and over 700 tips and ideas for uncluttering your home.

I am a pack rat, I admit it. I have a soft spot for my children's art work. I keep magazines for what seems like forever. I always think I will go back and tear out pages, to add to the thousands that I already have torn out. Or there's that recipe that looks so good, I was always going to make.

Anyways, on to my first useful tip from the book. I decided to start with my son's bookcase in his room and the tip about storing things on shelves vs. tossing items in totes or bins. First of all the kids can see exactly what they have, and it avoids things getting lost in the shuffle. I tend to agree with this, although I will never give up my bins and totes completely.

This is the before. Complete and total mess.

This is the after. A little less clutter, I tried to use the shelves more and not pill the baskets full of needless stuff. Now Sam can see most of his books and games. Hopefully, this will stop some of the dragging everything out to find what he is looking for.

Well back to my reading, I have a 699 more projects to conquer.

The Junk Mammas


Nicola said...

Then when your house is clutter free maybe you out to send the book to me.
One less bit of clutter and a fresh start for our cottage (once I've shipped hubby off somwhere for a month so he can't rescure those holed socks, old Radio Times mags & enless piles of junk mail "Just in Case" they're useful!
Nic x

Kimm at Reinvented said...

Great job! I have a set of bookcases in my boys' room that look just like your "before" picture! Now I'm motivated to clean them up. Thanks for sharing.

LMH said...

I can relate. It is as if clutter reproduces.
We just keep at it, right?