Friday, April 3, 2009

The grass is always green...

Is Easter really only a little over a week away? This holiday has come up on me fast, but I did manage to plant some grass in my tray for an Easter display.

I am sure you have all seen this done, but I'll just tell you my process. Line the tray or basket with a black plastic garage bag, then potting soil then a layer of rye grass seed (the kind in the lawn and garden section) and press the seeds into the dirt and water. Keep soil moist to sprout.

Within a week I had grass. I have never used wheat grass, but that works too. The grass even has that just cut grass smell when I trim it up with scissors. I pulled out my Easter decorations, and placed a faux chocolate bunny in the middle and then added some eggs. Poked wooden skewers into them at various heights and angles into the eggs and poked the other end into dirt. I have added Easter picked eggs before but thought this year looked better because I inserted the skewers at different angles not just into the bottom of egg.

Now I best get some goodies for my kids Easter baskets and then hide them from my husband. Notorious chocolate eater.

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Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Such a cute idea. I'd have to hide the chocolate from myself I'm afraid.

Nicola said...

Me too the bunny would be headless and he'd be surrounded by wrappers...far too traumatic for the kiddies (your version looks fabulous though!)
Nic xx

Mel P said...

Lovely idea, and really pretty.

melissa said...

I love this idea~did you make your tray and am wondering how deep it needs to be? It's a great size.