Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cranberry Fest

September is fading away fast. We knew it would. But it is also the month of festivals in our area. Applefest, Cranberry Festival, Oktoberfest and so on.

Our annual excursion to CranFest was a little different this year. It has a flea market, farmer's market, and craft booths for miles. It was fun, but just not the same good "junk". You just never know unless you attend, but the food is always good. Like frozen cheesecake dipped in chocolate on a stick.

We of course did manage to find a few treasures along the way. And I even remembered to take a few picture this time.

These crates were very reasonably priced too, but they didn't go home with us.

I am not sure what this guy's story was but his car was quite the interesting.

Look, it's a lantern tree.

We both purchased junk girl charms, which we hunted down after seeing some woman wearing a similar one, and managed to find a few other treasures.

The Junk Mammas

Saturday, September 19, 2009

4th Annual Barnyard Sale

We headed out this morning to an annual barnyard sale. We had heard about it in the past, but this was the 1st time we have been able to go. There was a lot of stuff, and really great stuff at good prices.

They had vintage items, antiques, shabby chic, GOOD JUNK, pumpkins.... The list goes on and on.

Next year, we would love to be a vendor here.

If you happen to be in our neck of the woods, the sale still has 2 more weekends left. Saturday September 26th and October 3rd open from 9-5. Follow the signs from Coon Valley, they are located on Oakdale Road in Cashton, WI.

The Junk Mammas

Thursday, September 17, 2009

DIY coffee table makeover

I bought this table for $20.00 at a yard sale. It wasn't really what I was looking for, but I thought it might be cute painted. I sanded it down very lightly just to ruff it up, since it was in pretty good shape.

Next, I used a spray primer to give it a more even surface color, because the wood was so dark and it had the detail on top. Lastly, I applied cream spray paint, wiped on some brown glaze to age it a bit, and topped it off with 2 coats of polyurethane.

For $20.00 I have a new addition to my living room. Stop over to Kimba's @ Soft Place to Land for some other great DIY projects or link up to the party and show off your own.

The Junk Mammas

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blog Land parties

We often join parties to show off the stuff we have been working on, but also to get some great new ideas for our homes, new recipes, or anything else that might be out there. One of our favorite parties to be part of a is DIY @ A Soft Place to Land each week.

We have joined several times, but last week Kimba choose our post as one of her favorites. We were so excited we wanted to shout out a BIG THANK YOU to Kimba for hosting this fabulous party every week and for including us among many others as your favorite for the week.

If you haven't been there check out Kimba's DIY every Thursday, link up or just enjoy the loads of ideas.

The Junk Mammas

Friday, September 11, 2009

Custom drapes on a budget

We are linking up with Wendy from the Shabby Nest for a Frugal Friday party.

I wanted a custom curtain treatment, but without the custom price. I found some plain tab top curtains @ Target that were the perfect color, but I didn't like the tab top look and they weren't long enough. So I decided to customize them and sent them out to my seamstress. She cut off the tabs and added some fabric and trim on the top. She work really cheap because she my Mom. I really need to learn to sew.

Now with the tabs gone, I used black clip rings to hang my new custom curtains. I dressed each window for around $30.00 total.

The Junk Mammas

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Scrabble anyone-Take two

We posted this idea earlier this year, but thought we'd share again for Kimba's DIY party.

Our house has no mud room or coat closet near the back door, one of the pitfuls of an older home. But I do have a back porch that I use kinda like a mud room in the warmer months. If you leave your gear out there this time of year it would be frozen. So I had to have a place for the kids to leave there jackets and backpacks inside. I'd love not to have to look at jackets every time I am in the kitchen but you have to make due with what you have sometimes.

I added some hooks to this little wall, but wanted to add the kids names somehow. One day I thought of my scrabble game that was hidden in the basement under my craft stuff. I pondered a good while how to hang them up then it came to me, poster putty. I just stuck a little on the back of each letter and put them on the molding. Now my kids know where there jackets belong. Do they get hung there, about 90% of the time.

The Junk Mammas

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vintage plastic letters

We recently came into a whole collection of vintage plastic letter and numbers. These are so much fun and the possibilities are endless with these. We are offering a few words for sale in our Etsy shop, but have plenty for custom orders as well.

They are made of a thicker plastic, so that makes them perfect for outside or inside use.

Check out these and the other fun stuff we have been adding to our Etsy shop.

The Junk Mammas