Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Moss balls

I made moss balls about ten years ago for my little apartment. I loved that apartment. It had inlayed wood floors, a fireplace, high ceilings, a cute buildt in hutch and I lived there by myself. Which somedays seems like heaven, a place to call my very own. No kids, no toys, no messes I didn't create.

I was just day dreaming. Let's get back to the moss balls. I have seen how tos on various blogs, but all have used hot glue. I do tend to like my fingers, so I used some flower pins. There are 88 cents a package at Walmart, and you just stick them into the stryofoam to attach the moss. I pushed them in with a unsharped pencil and brushed my finger over the moss to cover the pin.

I proudly placed them in my thrifted soup toureen and put them on my sofa table. Took a few pictures, and wondered if my son was going to get into them. Well it only took about 4 hours and half the balls were destroyed. The only good thing was I was at work when they bit the dust and my husband got to clean up the mess. This is why I dream of my little apartment.
The Junk Mammas


A Touch of Country said...

I love your little balls! Too bad your little one got a hold of them. Maybe he will help you make new ones.

I love the container you placed them in as well.

Jen r. said...

I love these balls. I just made a big one on my blog. I think I am going to make some little ones like you have. I love how those look! Jen