Sunday, April 25, 2010


While I was rummaging last weekend I spotted this silver basket with wheels. I decided for $2.00 I could do something with it. I searched online and found one just like it with a liner for $49.00 and of course the super cute Pottery Barn one for $89.00.

Pottery Barn
I am always looking for places to put our laundry, with a family of 4 it seems to really pile up. Cute wicker hampers seem to be a thing of the past, or they are really expensive.
So with my new sewing class under my belt I thought I could attempt the liner with some muslin I picked up.

Here's my new hamper, it is so handy I am hoping to find another one someday.

Junk Mammas


Lora said...

awesome! great job...

Beth said...

$2 well spent! Eat your heart out Pottery Barn!

Wesley's Girl said...

since your wires are well-spaced you could try a patterned liner and to add extra zing! Thanks for the idea!