Saturday, May 1, 2010

Let the gardening begin

image from Katy Elliott
The last day of frost on average for our area of the country is May 5th. Oh yah, let the gardening begin. Now I really love the look of cottage gardens like above, but truth be told I am really not that great at this gardening thing. Since we moved in a over eight years ago, I have planted umpteen perennials that have not returned. We have sandy soil and I lose gusto for watering plants. But I am ready to try some more. I do however do a decent job at container gardening, it is quicker and easier in my mind.

I do feel the cottage garden needs a little junk for character. So I added a little junk to my fence. This crusty mailbox thingy was found for 2 bucks at a garage sale and I thought it would look cute hanging on my gate with flowers planted in it. I planted bacopa, geraniums, and pansies. Now let's hope the kids don't knock it off. Now if I could only talk someone into painting my fence white.

The Junk Mammas

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Connie said...

I love your tin box with flowers.
I too like some junk in my garden.