Monday, April 5, 2010

Man Cave

I think we all have one of these in our house, unfortunally for me ours is not in the basement. My husband occupies our den which is right off the dinning room and the walk way to our main floor bathroom. 3 deer, a bear, a turkey, and some ducks adorn this lovley space. Plus, my husband uses this room as his catch all place, hunting clothes, books, even his everyday clothes at times are in there for everyone to enjoy. :)

My challenge was finding some storage, something inexpensive that I could transform into a stylist piece of furniture. I am going for a sort of english study looking room, with wildlife and a Pottery Barn twist- not sure if that is even possible, but here is my first project.

I picked up this dresser for $50.00 at a local furniture store, they had a trade in sale and this was the best I have been able to find for the money.
Today, I painstakingly painted it black. It is sort of an MDF material, so needless to say the painting didn't go so well. I sanded and repainted mulitple spots to just get the paint to stick. After inhaling all the fumes, I went to purchase pulls for the drawers, I came home with 6 pulls because I have 6 drawers right, wrong each drawer needs 2 pulls so tomorrow Iwill be off to the hardware store.
Stay turned for the finished product and some other touches I picked up for the room.

The Junk Mammas

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Connie said...

Looks like you have your work cut out for you. But it is a good feeling when you are finished and it looks great. Have a good day.