Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Upstairs hallway project

Today, I started to tackle one of my projects. This has been an ongoing thing for literally years. I have been collecting frames to make a wall collage of the kids, dogs and our whole family if we have room.

I first started by mapping out the area I selected for my frames. I cut out pieces of paper the same size as the frames and taped them on the wall. This way you can get a feel of how they will work and move things around before the hole making starts. I really hate this step, but I knew if I wanted my husband to help me it had to be done.

Below, they started to go up one by one.
Here is the finished project for now. Not quite finished, but better then the frames stacked in my hallway. I need to pick out more pictures to fill the frames, and if I would have taken his picture a little higher you would see I have some space yet to go for it to be complete.

Check out Kimba's site for other DIY projects.

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ThriftyAnnabella said...

You know I've never thought to hang paper to map out my arrangements before - great idea!

Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

Thanks for stopping by today! I love the way this wall turned out!