Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009 take 2

Costumes at our house this year seemed to be a little challenging. My daughter has wanted to be Hannah Montana since last year, so I finally gave in on that one and my son was undecided until around a week ago.

Maddie's costume just sort of happened. She had a lot of the stuff already and I purchased a wild shirt in juniors @ Walmart. The shirt turned out to be a Mylie Cyrus shirt, which I didn't even realize until I cut the tags off of it. The wig was a $3.00 bargain and thank goodness that is all I paid for it. I finally got it to stay better by putting in a ponytail with her real hair. But I still heard all night how itchy it was, so needless to say it didn't get worn much and will not be worn again.

Sam was my labor intensive costume. I ripped strips upon strips of fabric, then dyed it with Rid color tan. Next, I took some long underwear I purchased and began hot gluing strips on one by one. With a few nasty burns and a little cutting and stretching we had a mummy.

Tip for anyone using hot glue on something like this, stretch it while you are making it. There is not a lot of give once it has been glued. For the head piece I ended up using ribbon with strips glued on. I originally bought a ski mask and glued, etc. and found out it didn't fit his head once I was done.

The Junk Mammas

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Lee Laurie said...

These costumes are so cute! You did great!

Lee Laurie