Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Meal in a box

One the best gifts I received after having my children was dinner. Friends and family delivered a couple complete meal. After a long day of tending to little ones it was heaven to just pop the already home made meal in to the oven.

My niece arrived a few weeks ago, so I put together a little meal box for my brother and SIL. The meal box included a Chicken Divan Casserole, Mandarin Orange salad, and a favorite of my SIL dipped pretzels. I also included a healthy snack of apples and a sweet treat which isn't pictured because I picked it up at the store on the way to their house. I was literally finishing the casserole in the back of my van in the grocery store parking lot.(LOL)I had forgot the croutons, and they are the best part of the dish. Organization people, I sometimes am lacking in that department.

I converted a lid from a paper box to a tray by covering it with wrapping paper. Used an onesie drinking glass from the cupboard to hold the pretzel rods and covered with a cello bag tied with of course pink ribbon. Placed all the salad fixings in the pink gift bag. And don't forget to add cooking instructions, I used manila office tags and hand wrote baking instructions. I will be keeping my eye out for new looking dishes, I can use for my next meal box. No worries about returning a dishes.

The Junk Mammas


southerninspiration said...

Looks fabulous!!!


Lindsay said...

Love this idea. I have a friend who is due to have her first baby girl anyday now and this will be a great gift to give her.

Nicola said...

Awesome - what a thoughtful thing to do!

sewingchick said...

I have to agree that it's the best gift ever! I had three of my coworkers all separately bring my family a three course meal, complete with salads, rolls, desserts, etc! It really helped out because I could barely walk for about two weeks due to third degree tearing.

TidyMom said...

What a GREAT idea!! I LOVE it! and look how cute it looks!!

Can you share the chicken recipe with us?


Michele said...

This looks awesome...what a great idea!


mary'smom said...

Great Idea. This is a wonderful gift to give and receive! The packaging looks amazing.

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

This is such a great idea! I remember when people would come by with food when mine were babies and it was such a relief. One less thing to worry about while healing and taking care of a new baby. I liked the food gifts better than the baby gifts. lol

Yours came out so cute!

Sarah said...

I loved receiving meals after all my babies...but your's looks divine with all the added touches...I'll have to remember this next time I volunteer for a meal!

denisemarie in Houston, TX said...

OMG, what a bang up job on the box top "tray" to deliver the meal!!