Thursday, May 21, 2009

Now how did that get broke

Now how did that get broke, is a phase I seem to say a lot. Love the husband but he tends to break a lot of stuff around the house. These past a couple weeks, a lot of what I scored has been broke. &%$#@ He kids he should be in quality control, cause if he can't break it is good quality.

I have been looking for some everyday white dishes but just couldn't fork out the money at Target for new dishes. And I wanted to be able to buy open stock too so if, I mean when, something gets broke I can replace easily.

I tend to be drawn to the pictures in magazines with open shelves stacked with dishes. So I thought I should just buy white dishes when ever I see some at my favorite stores and garage sales for a great price. And even it they are mismatched, the white color will tie them together. So this is what I found so far. The husband commented as I was unpacking the cups, Oh good more white mugs for me to break. Nice.

I also have been collecting white ironstone looking platters and plates. I didn't spent more than $3.00 on any one. It was the plate hangers that cost a little money. But I love the look. I want to be able to add more the wall too. I too seem to be in a breaking phase, cause two plates bit the dust when I was hanging them up.

The Junk Mammas


sewingchick said...

I like the ridge detailing on the dinnerware you bought :) Your husband sounds like my dad. They were visiting a couple weeks ago, and my dad was chasing a moth around with the sweeper, bumped into the Hoosier cabinet, and out came spilling EVERYTHING. And I do mean everything. Somehow, only four pieces of my china broke. Here's a link to my collection of dishes in case you're interested :)

Kim said...

I love the plates on the to try that!

Michelle Bebe said...

bummer over the broken platters because those are GORG! I love how classy that looks!

Brought to you by the letter K. said...

I love creamware, too. You've done a great job with your display on your kitchen wall -- and I totally dig the inspiration photos. *Sigh*

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

I too love white dishes. (In fact, I could easily be a dish-a-holic.) Collecting as you find white dishes is a great way to get a collection and you will be less worried about them breaking. Love the plates on the wall.