Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tooth fairy

The tooth fairy will be paying a visit to our house for the first time, very soon! My 6 year old son has a bottom tooth that will be out before we know it.

I have been frantically searching the web for some ideas for her first visit. Something special we can keep, but also put under his pillow.

I have come across a couple of things that were great. I love this fairy. She is adorable. You can find this one on mmm crafts and there are even instructions on how to create this.

Another one I liked was by Craft Carnival

This one is fantastic and has endless possibilities for either a boy or girl. Plus, it's complete with a free patten.

Leave a comment, link to photos. We would love to see and hear how the tooth fairy arrived at your home!

The Junk Mammas


Jen r. said...

Those are cute! I just sewed a little pouch and we broke the tradition of leaving it under the pillow and put it on the nightstand instead. It's too hard to search under the pillow at midnight of a light sleeper! We gave a quarter and a note with every tooth. :) Jen

Tracey said...

One of my daughters favorite memories was when the tooth fairy not only left her money under her pillow but also wrote her a beautiful note (mom made to look like a scroll) with fancy print with lots of scrolly letters and of course some of her fairy dust (glitter) was inside the scroll. To top it all off, when she looked in the mirror the next morning she had a tiny bit of glitter (mom's glitter make up) on her cheek where the tooth fairy had brushed by her cheek!! I wish there would have been a new toothbrush with a bow on it waiting in the bathroom too but didn't think of it till it was too late!!

Hope my memories inspire ideas!!


Larissa said...

hi there! thanks for featuring my tooth fairy pillow! I did a version for a boy here if you are interested:

Traci said...

I make fairy doors. You can put a little basket on the little porch and the tooth fairy will enter through the door and take the tooth while leaving a little surprise...some fairies have been known to leave foreign coins since they travel the entire world and the banks are closed when they come get the idea...

I love reading your blog....glad I stumbled across it!!!