Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Top 10 places for finding good Junk!

10. The Dollar Store. Surprising what you can find there.

9. Family and friends. You just never know what someone was going to get rid of that you'd love- and it was right under your nose.

8. Flea markets.

7. TJ Maxx

6. Auctions. Bring your favorite chair, because this is an all day event. Before kids we went often. Now not so much. We have found some great junk. And those boxes hold some interesting treasures.

5. Estate sales. In these parts the second day is usually half off. I scooped up a cute vintage chenille bedspread. Goes great with Jenny's favorite Pottery Barn Kids bedding that she found at a BARGAIN.

4. Hobby Lobby. Especially the 90% off section.

3. Thrift stores. You know the Goodwill's, Good Stewart, Salvation Army. Etc. We we started going there 15 years ago, the pickins were better then. But still a good place to find some junk

2. Garage sales.

1. Our personal favorite- CURBSIDE-we love to get us some free junk!

Tell us about your favorite place to find good junk??

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