Monday, August 17, 2009

Hannah Montana Explosion

We survived the 2nd birthday party in a row, Hannah Montana style. My daughter has been obsessed with her since last year. My husband walked into the house and said we must of had a Hannah Montana explosion in here. He thinks the party themes are getting a little more ridiculous each year, but I love that part.

I think the farther a head you can plan for these parties the more you can get for your money. I bought the goodie buckets last year on clearance after Halloween for $.75 each, and have picking up things here and there to fill them with.

The kids decorated poster board guitars, that I printed off of Nick Jr. com. I used HM ribbon for the straps that I bought at Michael's for $1.00 a spool. Most of the art supplies were stuff we already had in our stash at home.

The poster was from a calander we had in my daughers room, the microphones were made from toliet paper rolls, with balls covered in tin foil on top. I bought the fabric for a few dollars at Walmart and the cupcake gutair cake was purchased there as well.

The party was a hit and not so bad on the budget either!

The Junk Mammas


Jill said...

The microphones are FABULOUS! Good job, Mama!!
I am a huge fan of starting the planning for the next party as soon as the previous party wraps up.

foxxy said...

You sure are creative. Love everything you did. I think themes are fun as well. You did a great job. I loved your blog. I love junk too so i signed up as a follower. See ya soon.