Thursday, August 27, 2009

DIY Thursday

I was pregnant with my first baby and found inspiration for her room in a magazine. That was six year ago, and I still have that magazine. I have issues, really I have issues. I loved the scalloped border painted on the walls. I managed to find a plastic two foot stencil from the local craft store, but I couldn't make it work. So after a couple ideas, I finally came up with using contact paper as a stencil.

I choose two shades of yellow, because I didn't know the sex of the baby at the time. I painted the top yellow down about six inches lower then I wanted to start the scalloped border. My thinking was that it was easier to cover over a lighter color with a darker color then vice verse

Then the fun began. I traced the scallop stencil on to the contact paper and cut it out. The contact paper stencil went around the whole room, so I could just paint without having to move a stencil. The hardest part was leveling the contact paper. Our old house is just not level, so we did just eye balled some parts. One of those laser levels may of helped, but they weren't around then. I painted the second color with a small foam roller and removed the contact paper. I didn't have any residue left from the contact paper and very little paint seeped under the contact paper. I didn't leave the contact paper but overnight, just time to paint enought two coats.


These waves would be cute to do as well. Visit DIY @ SPTL for more do it yourself ideas.

The Junk Mammas


Rebekah said...

My daughter has those paper pom-poms in her bedroom, too! Don't you love how they gently twist and turn?

Kelsee said...

What a great job! That room is so sweet and I just love it! Once my daughter and son no longer share a room, I might have to do something fun like this for her room. Good work! -Kelsee