Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday Estate Sale

Estate sales season has began around these parts. Yipeee!!! I hadn't been to an estate sales in months, so I was looking forward to the hunt. I always get anxious waiting in line. Watching as people leave and spying to see what goodies they bought. I was hoping there was some good stuff left for me. Today most items where 50% or reduced, another Yipee.

Some of the treasures I found were vintage valentines, a chalk board, keys, folding measuring tape, map trash can and dictionary. My grand total was 11 bucks. I placed the valentines in floral frogs and displayed them on top of what I loosely call my china cabinet. I think I will use the trash can and chalk board in my son's room. And I was thinking of using the measuring tape as a growth chart for my kids, not sure yet. It's always fun junking!

The Junk Mammas

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Miss G said...

You got some GREAT stuff! We went to one today but it was a bit overpriced and not that much great stuff. I did get two nice vintage American flags for 50 cents though. Kelly