Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A few of our favorite things....

The Junk Mammas are always up for a good party! We put together a group of a few of our favorite things, some are personal indulgences...

Sliver platters

Cake plates

White iron stone plates, pitchers and soup turines

Taco Bell- Us girls love to eat at Taco Bell. Something we don't get much of anymore. Kids prefer McDonalds.

Diet Pepsi- ice cold in the can or from a soda fountain with crushed ice. This is a must have first thing in the morning.

Cupcakes- Walmart super center makes the best cupcakes
with loads of butter cream frosting.

Magazines- love, love magazines.
They are filled with a multitude of ideas that can last for years. We have started scrapbooks of our favorites articles, recipes or whatever for future inspiration.

The Junk Mammas


Lisa said...

Ok..I love silver platters, have a few of those myself. The cake plates are a must have and that platter...too cute. Those cupcakes are pure EVIL..lol...dangerous I tell you. Think I'll go grab a box tomorrow and head on over to moms for our Regis and Kelly mid morning snack...he he

The Morgan Family said...

Okay, I need to go to Walmart Super Center and try their cupcakes!