Friday, November 28, 2008

Fabulous Finds Friday

Every Friday (ok maybe most Fridays) we will posting great finds . Hope you think so too. Let's get started.

I really need a treat everyday, but not all the extra calories. I found these Peppermint Tootsie Pops at none other than Target for 2 for $4. If you love candycanes then you are going to love these cause they have a little extra chocolate treat at the end. And are only 1 point for all you weight watcher followers. Try some and enjoy.

On a decorating note, candy or treats look great in clear jars or vases grouped on your counter top, buffet or mantel. And is a cheap way to fill up the jar. If you have a really big jar, place a glass upside down in the middle of jar and fill candy between jar and glass.

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Jen r. said...

Yum! I am going to have to get some of those!

Mary Beth said...

Oh my goodness...I love peppermint and, I must find these!