Thursday, February 4, 2010


This is our sweet little puppy Mac. He grew from the above picture to the one below in literally weeks. At about 10 months old and 70+ pounds, he has turned into a BEAST! He has chewed and ruined shoes, my foam pots outside, the bean bags he used to use as a bed, and legos seem to be his favorite snack.

We are starting our 1st day of training classes today at the Humane Society. Did you know most Humane Society's offer training, and it's about half the cost of the puppy classes at other places.

Since we missed the puppy kindergarten, we have to start with one on ones. After last weekends incidents, I knew I didn't have a choice. My husband gave me a week to find training for me, the kids, and Mac of course. (Mac doesn't seem to listen as well to us) Sam my 7 year old happened to be in the path of Mac on Sunday and was bumped into the coffee table, liquid stitches and a black eye, made me decide we needed more control over him now!

Wish me luck.

The Junk Mammas


Nancy @ Live love laugh said...

Is Mac a lab? If so, I'm with ya! Ours will be 2 in April and was just recently allowed some freedom in the house. She has been kept in the kitchen when we were not home (and sometimes when we were!)because she snatched and destroyed on sight. In the past 2 months she has really calmed down a lot and sometimes even prefers to sit by us rather than go on a rampage! I did take her for obedience as a pup but...I think time was the key here. Our best trick was to teach her to "wait" for food, treats-and it is useful at other times, too! Good luck! He looks so sweet!

Junk Mammas said...

Mac is a mix of yellow lab and golden retriever. Not sure I can wait 2 years, but we did get some great tips today to start with.

Junk Mamma-Jen

Cindy said...

omgoodness! Love him! Our lab Zoe was a terror from 9 months' until she was about 14 months old. She's 3 yrs. now and we LOVE her!
My bf took their puppy to class at the Humane Society last night!

Hayley said...

Hi there. When we first adopted our sweet Booker T., he was already almost two years old. But we struggled for weekds with many of the destructive behaviors you mentioned. I don't want to even add up the dollar amount shredded as I can home to find shoe after shoe chewed up (he really liked my cute expensive ones--he liked my expensive bras too!). But I wanted to encourage you by saying that Booker T. is now around 5 and we never have issues with him anymore. Now, our seven-year-old son--named Macauley, but Mac for short just like your little one--we haven't gotten him fully trained yet... :) Have a good weekend. Your puppy is precious.

Anonymous said...

Cute puppy! That reminds me of my own yellow lab, Snoopy (brothers idea of a name). I got him when he was only 6 months old and wow did he grow fast! He's adorable, but I'm glad he got over chewing chair legs, since it would be not doubt my parents would've gotten rid of him. Anyway, he'll be 4 this year and he's not as bad as he was when he was a pup.

Good luck to you with Mac, he is adorable! Just be stern when training him~

Opps, forgot to mention, he did chew up a few shoes when he was a pup (though the only one he actually destroyed was my flip-flops). We got him some rawhide bones to chew one, and it got him to stop chewing up things we didn't want him to chew (like our shoes). Though all dogs have different personalities, you might want to try that and see if he stops chewing up other things.