Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Family Embarrassment

Ok- This is not actually my car, but it could of been the other day. I dropped my 1st grade son off at school and while his principal was helping him out of the car he had a McDonalds bag stuck to his foot.

Talk about a family embarrassment, I knew I had to change my habits. I have been in a really bad way about the car for awhile. It has been extermly cold here and sometimes at night we don't get all of the artwork out of the car or we eat dinner on the way home and leave the wrappers behind, you know how that goes, don't ya?

I was searching the internet and found this artical about not letting your car get out of control. http://www.creativehomemaking.com/organizing/messy-car.shtml I was thrilled to know, I wasn't the only one and there was hope for me.

The Junk Mammas

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The Morgan Family said...

Well, my car is the same. I didn't post pictures of my car on my blog but I did post about one of my New Years resolutions being to take pride in my car and KEEP IT CLEAN! I'm right there with you!